Τετάρτη, 26 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Charles Loeffler - A Pagan Poem

A Pagan Poem is a tone poem for orchestra composed in 1906 by Charles Martin Loeffler. Originally scored for piano, woodwinds, violin, and contrabass, the work was soon rescored for two pianos and three trumpets. The final version, which in addition to traditional forces included piano obbligato, solo English horn, and three solo trumpets, was introduced on November 23, 1907 by the Boston Symphony under the direction of Karl Muck.
Loeffler derived his inspiration for the work from the eighth eclogue of Virgil, in which a maiden of Thessaly uses magic to revive her lover's ardor once he has deserted her. Rather than follow the program literally, the composer chose to depict moods and feelings suggested by the text. The trumpets are used offstage, first against a background of piano and timpani and next as chromatic accompaniment to a declamation from the English horn.

Τρίτη, 25 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Η Πατρίδα στο Βορρά..

Father who are in the sky
Hold thy hand above me
Mighty is the raging waves
On which I ride
Mother who awaits me ashore
Let your golden hair down
It will shine and guide me
Through the (raging) storm

Heading north after long a journey
We have sailed for so very long
Heavy seas endless sky above us
Heading north going home

Brother who fell in foreign land
Blessed thy soul a warriors
Living on through your sword
Now in my hand

Sister who for my return sings
Shed no more tears for my well
I can hear your voice clear now
In the wind

Heading north after long a journey
We have sailed for so very long
Heavy seas endless sky above us
Heading north going home

Heading north after long a journey
We have sailed for so very long
Heavy seas endless sky above us
Heading north going home

Heading north after long a journey
We have sailed for so very long
Heavy seas endless sky above us
Heading north going home

Heading north after long a journey
We have sailed for so very long
Heavy seas endless sky above us
Heading north going home

Δόξα στον Μονόφθαλμο Μεγάλο Πατέρα μας!
Hail to our One-Eyed AllFather!

Τετάρτη, 19 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Wodensthrone - Battle Lines

"And so it comes to this
And thus are we undone..."

The foundations of our fathers' truths
Eroded by the cruelties of fate
Thus enslaved wear their yoke like a crown
And their dishonour like the finest jewel

The profane usurps the sacred
The sacred defiled as profane
Unquestioning blindness proclaimed to be sight
The denial of death and the sourging of life

And so it comes to this
But thus are we undone?

The Curse on ruinous currents ascends
Born by winds we dare not name
Its corruption taints all in its wake
Its ravenous shadow enshrouding the earth

Where is our courage?
Wherefore is our pride?
When good men do nothing
Whilst tyrants scar the skies

The lonely forest whispers
An oaken eulogy
A battlecry for those who stand
Before this poisoned tide

Against the Eye that glares incandescent
And those who conspire that great deeds fail
Our banners crack and flutter in forewarning
The threatening promise of tempests to come
Hearken to me!

Seek not for Gods to break our chains
Seek strength and will to break the chains ourselves
Seek for the essence of the wind's true name
That we might command our fate once more!

Παρασκευή, 14 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012


It's the sacred fire cross
Woven in the belts of priests
It’s the sign of God Pērkons
That adorns the banner of ours
The banner under whom we are born and we die
The banner by which we are standing with arms in our hands

We stand together as one
For the land of our fathers
We're not gonna bend
We can only be killed
There' no other way
To call yourself a Semigallian warrior
If you are not ready to spill your blood
And let it flow through this land

The sacred fire cross
Let its fire burn in our hearts

You're not allowed to tremble
When brother falls killed by your side
Don't cry or pray when the enemy's slashing
What the sons yet unborn then will judge about you
Will it be worth to be born on this ground

But now my heart shivers in pride
When I’m standing on the forefathers' land
Their blood has not been spilled in vain -
The fire cross still flames in our banner!

Δευτέρα, 10 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

22 Σεπτεμβρίου 2788 – Φθινοπωρινή Ισημερία / Autumnal Equinox, September 22, of Hellenic year 2788 / Eliwagar's song

Στο Όνομα και προς Τίμηση του Μέγα Τεχνίτη, του Λιγομίλητου Θεού μας Ηφαίστου, προετοιμάζουμε και καθαρίζουμε την Επιβώμια οικιακή Εστία μας και τους Τελετουργικούς Πυρσούς μας, ώστε να ανάψουμε το αναγκαίο Φως που θα μας συντροφεύει καθώς θα οδεύουμε στο βαθύ σκοτάδι του χειμώνα έως το Χειμερινό Ηλιοστάσιο.

περισσότερα στο σύνδεσμο: εδώ

In the name and Honoring of the Great Crafts Master, our God Hephaestus, we prepare and clean the fireplace of our household Altar and our ritual Torches to light the necessary Flame that will accompany us as we are heading, into the deep darkness of winter, towards the Winter Solstice.

Read more: here

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Where The Runes Still Speak

Candlemass - Where The Runes Still Speak from the 1992 album "Chapter VI"

Rain and thunder, fire and wind
Come with me, I leave with the tide
I wrap my cloak closer 'round my shoulders
To keep me warm from the raging storm

The spirits are here to guide my journey
Over the edge of the world
A thousand wounds cry in my soul
Love and pain, a bleeding heart

Where the runes still speak
I'm coming home...
Where the runes still speak

Alone I stand on this stony coast
Winds of spring whisper through the trees
The grey horizon gives me life again
Tee, and stone, the voices of the gods

No woman can show me where the fire burns
No preacher can tell me who I am
My blood is calling me from Asaland
I'm on my way home in the end

A homeward son will claim his heritage
walk the soil of this earth
The pen will be his mighty sword
And the truth his defence

I've travelled roads that lead to wonder
I've seen cities rise and fall
The burden, the cross of a pilgrim
I bear no more, the son is coming home

You closed the door, but I won't give
Somewhere my new life will begin
Countless treasures I shared with you
The only one left is my solitude...

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Δευτέρα, 3 Σεπτεμβρίου 2012

Lord Weird Slough Feg, Ruthless Steel, Demolition Train, Wrathblade.Μία συναυλία για την Αθήνα που δεν θα ξεχαστεί εύκολα..

Οι Lord Weird Slough Feg έπαιξαν ζωντανά στην Αθήνα, μαζί με τους καταπληκτικούς Ruthless Steel, τους γεμάτους ενέργεια και ζωή Demolition Train, και τους Έλληνες κυρίαρχους του doom/heavy, Wrathblade.
Από όλους εμάς που παρεβρεθήκαμε στη συναυλία αυτή το βράδυ της Κυριακής 2 Σεπτεμβρίου, ένα μεγάλο Εύγε για όλα τα παιδιά από τα Ελληνικά σχήματα που πραγματικά,το ένα ήταν καλύτερο από το άλλο και όλα μαζί ένας ογκόλιθος metal Μουσικής!
Όσο για τους Slough Feg..
Μακράν από τις καλύτερες εμφανίσεις Μουσικών στην Ελλάδα. Όποιος δεν τους είδε ζωντανά έχει ένα κομμάτι λιγότερο έμπνευσης μέσα του. Δεν χρειάζονται περισσότερα να πει κανείς για αυτή τη νύχτα..
Up the Hammers!
Θησέας Λύκος
                                       We ll meet again, in another world, in another place!


Slough Feg

Slough Feg

Slough Feg